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Traditional and Renewable Energy Forum is an annual energy event organised by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, PRIMUS and Polish-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce and in partnership with embassies and partnering companies.

Started in 2012 Energy Forum was one of the first events to discuss energy related issues in the Baltic region. Since then it has become a place for energy experts, economists and politicians to meet, discuss and share professional insights.

Energy Forum is dedicated to decision makers in the public and private sectors who wish to get a comprehensive overview of energy issues in the Baltics and neighboring countries.

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Robert Juodka

Chairman of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, Board Member of the Polish-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, Managing Partner at PRIMUS in Lithuania

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the 9th Traditional and Renewable Energy Forum. The event has become a pleasant tradition to have an open discussion with the best experts and politicians from all three Baltic countries, Poland and Nordic region.”

Program of the previous Energy Forum event in 2019

08:00 – 08:30 REGISTRATION

                 Žygimantas Vaičiūnas, Minister of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania

08:45 – 09:50 ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL TRENDS in energy sector


Global and regional energy sector trends: stone age ended not because of the lack of stones
Žygimantas Mauricas, Chief Economist at Luminor Lietuva (Lithuania)

Global bioenergy status and Lithuania, as a recent success story
Remigijus Lapinskas
, President of World Bioenergy Association (Lithuania)

Global trends in European energy sector
Einari Kisel
, Senior Fellow, European Policies and Partnership Development, Regional Manager for World Energy Council (WEC) (Estonia)

Diversification of supply and security issues
Herkko Plit
, President and CEO of Baltic Connector Oy (Finland)


Robert Juodka, Managing Partner at PRIMUS (Lithuania)


10:20 – 11:50 RENEWABLE ENERGY


Poland’s green technologies and the geopolitics of energy
Tomasz Jamróz, 
Counsellor, Economic Cooperation Department, Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Poland)

Is our region solar-friendly? From goals and policies to real implementation
Rūta Jakubauskienė, COO of I+D Energias Lietuva (Lithuania)

Cooperation of distributed and conventional power generation in Polish conditions
Wlodzimierz Ehrenhalt, 
President of Polish Renewable Energy Association (Poland)

The development of wind energy in Lithuania: challenges and risks to deal with
Linas Sabaliauskas
, CEO (Country Manager) of Enefit Green (Lithuania)

Panel discussion


Robert Juodka, Managing Partner at PRIMUS (Lithuania)

11:50- 12:00 TECHNICAL BREAK

12:00 – 13:15 MARKET LIBERALIZATION as a driver of renewable and innovative solutions


Broad overview of household liberalisation practices in LV, EE, SE, FI
Janis Bethers
, CEO of Enefit Latvia (Latvia)

Development of competitive retail energy markets across the Baltics
Uldis Mucinieks
, Sales Director of Latvernergo (Latvia)

Household liberalisation market – legal issues
Tomas Venckus
, Partner at PRIMUS (Lithuania)

Panel discussion


Vytenis Koryzna, Managing Director of Enefit, UAB (Lithuania)

13:15 – 14:30 LUNCH




Changing gas market role in the environment of rising renewables
Vytautas Ruolia
, Commercial Director of AB Amber Grid (Lithuania)

What does the future hold for LNG in the Baltic Sea region?
Arūnas Moli
s, Klaipėda LNG Director, Klaipėdos Nafta (Lithuania)

For the energy security and economy: “recruitment“ of cogeneration microturbines
Rokas Radvilavičius
Director of Sala Energy UAB (Lithuania)

The role of Polish gas exchange in the market integration process in the Baltic region
Piotr Zawistowski, President of the Management Board of Polish Power Exchange (Poland)

Panel discussion

Joined by Timo Tatar, Deputy Secretary General for Energy of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (Estonia)

               Giedrė Kurmė, CEO of GET Baltic (Lithuania)



Synchronisation challenges ahead
Daivis Virbickas
, CEO of Litgrid (Lithuania)

10 years of the BEMIP – achievements and the path ahead
Hando Sutter
, CEO of Eesti Energia (Estonia)

Unity – is a challenge for the joint energy projects of the Baltic States
Virgilijus Poderys
, Member of Lithuanian Seimas, Chairman of the Commission for Energy and Sustainable Development at Seimas (Lithuania)

Energy market deregulation and development in the Baltics
Dominykas Tučkus, Member of the Executive Board at Lietuvos Energija, CBDO, Business Development & Infrastructure Director (Lithuania)

EU-SysFlex: pan-European system with an efficient coordinated use of flexibilities
Kaja Trees,
 Chief Analyst at Elering AS (Estonia)

Panel discussion


Robert Juodka, Managing Partner at PRIMUS (Lithuania)


Vytenis Koryzna

Managing Director of Enefit, UAB (Lithuania)

Giedrė Kurmė

CEO of GET Baltic (Lithuania)

Robert Juodka

Chairman of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, Board Member of the Polish-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, Managing Partner at PRIMUS in Lithuania

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